Can you help out some Sunday mornings?

We need help with tea and coffee rota. 
One place is urgent though more volunteers would be welcome.
You work in pairs and help every 4-5 weeks.

We also have a vacancy on the BMS birthday Scheme, See Ole for more details.

Jubilee Hall Loan

To complete the application we need pledges from people on how much they would be prepared to give from next year. This is to demonstrate that we can pay back the loan. Please see Ruth our treasurer if you could do this, however small the amount as soon as possible. We will not be monitoring your giving but just need to show that the loan is viable.

Please speak to one of the leaders if you have any questions.

Night shelter 2019-2020

Night shelter 2019-2020 Night shelter will return later THIS MONTH to house the homeless during the coldest and roughest of the winter nights.
We are looking for volunteers to help support this valuable work. We are looking for people to volunteer on Saturdays . We need people for evening meals, overnight stays and breakfasts the following morning. 

Please see Tim Haslett if you can help or ask him for more information.