The next stage in our search for a new pastor

Lee is coming to preach on Sunday 23rd February.

In order to get to know them better we are having a bring and share lunch and a meeting afterwards when they can talk about themselves and you can ask questions.  Arrangements after the service will be a little different. We will serve tea and coffee in the church. The buffet will be laid out in the TLC whilst you are having coffee and will be
taken into the church. The meeting will be held in the church. Lunch and the meeting is open to everyone not just church members. Please could carers take responsibility for children they have brought after the service.

There will be a special church meeting on Monday 2 March at 7.30 where we will discuss the next steps with Lee and the possibility of calling him as our next pastor.
If you have heard Lee and require a proxy vote please see Ole.
This meeting will be for church members only

Easter Link Magazine

The inbox is NOW OPEN for articles and contributions to the Easter Link magazine. The deadline for all submissions is Friday 20th March. 
This is a little earlier due to a lot of events happening around the end of March.

Clive & Jeanette's Retirement

We are having an evening of entertainment and games, along with a simple meal for Clive and Jeanette’s retirement.
This is on Saturday 28th March, Starting at 6:00pm. We do need some people to help with this, So if can help in anyway, please see Matt Taylor.

Bring and share lunch

At the church meeting we said we would be inviting Lee to preach followed by a bring and share lunch after the service and a short meeting. 
This will be on Sunday 23rd February. This is an opportunity for the Church to meet with Lee and hear him preach.