Transformed Life 

At the beginning of 2018, St Julians Baptist Church embarked on a teaching series called Transformed Life.  The series was produced by Dave Smith, Senior Pastor at Kingsgate Community Church in Peterborough because he had become more and more aware that questions identity, belonging and purpose were so important to everyone.  He said:

‘When we do not clearly understand who we are in Christ, which connects us to our purpose, all other areas of our spiritual growth are undermined’.  

Transformed Life tackles the issues of IDENTITY, BELONGING and PURPOSE through studying chapters 1-3 in the wonderful book of Ephesians in the bible.  This letter written by the Apostle Paul has been described as ‘the divinest composition of man’ (S.T. Coleridge), the ‘crown of St. Paul’s writings’ (J. Armitage Robinson) and it has been claimed that only Romans could match Ephesians ‘as a candidate for exercising the most influence on Christian thought and spirituality’ (Raymond Brown). However, Dave Smith says:

‘the main reason is that Ephesians 1–3, in particular, is especially strong in the whole issue of identity formation where the ‘in Christ’ theme is so prominent’.

In the run up to Easter, we will be following the teaching series in our Sunday morning meetings (10.30am), our housegroups will be using Transformed Life and there is also a daily devotional book available (for just £5) that many people at St Julians Baptist Church are following.

We are praying that as we work through the series, as a church we will be challenged, encouraged, equipped and most importantly grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus.
Do join us if you can, everyone is welcome!  If you have any further questions about our following the Transformed Life teaching series please speak to Pastor Clive Taylor.

Transformed Life